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Proposed Green Lane Post Office Move Print E-mail

The Post Office is proposing to move their business from 369 Green Lane to 367 Green Lane (McColl’s) and change it to “a new local style branch”. The Proposal is subject to consultation and is part of a national plan to “modernise” the network. There will be a small reduction in the products and services available. Post office services would be from a till on the retail counter. If it goes ahead it will be implemented during January/February 2015. The opening hours will be those of McColls.
A 6 week consultation period was begun on October 9th, so there is little time for Finham Residents to submit their comments.
• The Post Office wish to know the suitability of the premises and location.
• Accessibility.
• Concerns
• Invite suggestions
• Local community issues possibly affecting the proposed move
• Anything you like about the proposal!
Local Public consultation stated 10th October and ends 21st November. They suggest you go on line to postofficeviews.co.uk and enter the code for our local post office which is 17920599
You can also send your ideas to the Post Office:  by email to:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,
Or call the customer help: 08457 22 33 44 or Text 08457 22 33 55
Or FREEPOST Your Comments (this is the full address you need put no further address details). When using freepost allow 2 working days, which do not include Saturdays and Sundays. It must arrive before 21st November, after this it will not be considered.

Send in your VOTE for a Parish Council for Finham Print E-mail

The deadline is November 5th and your vote is important.
The FRA urge you to vote YES for a Parish Council.  Let’s take charge of the future for Finham.
Why? Because the FRA believes it is not as effective as it could be – it has no legal status and can be ignored by Coventry Council; a Parish council has influence and must be informed of Coventry’s plans.
The Precept is the extra money on your council tax. It will be around 1% extra (between 20p and 40p a week) depending on your banding, and you will not pay the FRA subs any longer.
The extra money that you pay will be used directly for improvements in our area of Finham.
Lost your voting form? then phone 020 8889 9203 and ask for another
This is your chance to make a difference

Download this file (ParishPoster.pdf)ParishPoster.pdf[ ]128 Kb
Why Does the FRA think a Parish Council would be good for Finham? Print E-mail

Finham Parish Council (FPC) Application and Ballot.

Looking at the structure of our Finham Residents Association (FRA), it was felt that we could benefit from applying to become a Parish Council. This would allow us to try to have more of a say in what happens in our area and  offered a greater chance of providing the facilities in Finham that already exist in other areas of Coventry.  It was felt that Finham residents were in a better position to identify and address our concerns and are getting tired from simply being written off as a supposedly affluent area which had little or no needs.

How would Finham Parish Council work? Basically, we would receive all of our present support services from Coventry City Council (CCC) as now. We would still have our CCC Ward Councillors. We would still would pay Council Tax to CCC  as at present but there would be an additional payment, the precept (roughly  £2  per month for 10 months per household per year), which would be added to the  present CCC Council Tax.  All households in the FPC area would have to pay the precept, it is not optional.   CCC would then pass all of the FPC precept money to the FPC to cover its administrative  and operating costs. Any surplus might be used to provide some amenities in Finham, i.e. added value to the area.

The FPC  would be run by elected members of the public who become a FPC Councillor (in the same way as CCC's Councillors are elected) but they are unpaid.

The Kelly Plan Print E-mail

There seems to be a concerted push by Lynette Kelly to convince Warwick District Council to change their local plan (consultation now complete) to include 5,000 homes on Kings Hill.  There is even a website set up to gain support (The Kelly Plan).

This seems to be a cynical, politically motivated attempt to gain support for destroying Greenbelt around Coventry, with other plans afoot to build on Keresley Greenbelt too.

Coventry City Council will be publishing their new Local Plan in  September 2014.  We need your support to help save the Greenbelt and King Hill

Finham Primary Eco Newsletter July 2014 Print E-mail

The very first Newsletter from the Eco-Committee at Finham Primary School has been published.  In it are the amazing things that have been going on at Finham Primary since September to help our planet. From saving energy and water to developing local biodiversity in the school grounds, to reducing waste to promoting healthy living and global citizenship. 
If you have any ideas or suggestions for them or feel you are able to help them in any way please contact us at Finham Primary School, Green Lane, Coventry CV3 6EJ.   Tel: 02476 415425 email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Download this file (Eco Newsletter 1 July 2014.pdf)FPNewsletter.pdf[ ]666 Kb
Kings Hill Land for Sale Print E-mail

A 196-acre plot of land owned by Coventry City Council could be sold to make way for-up to 5,000 new homes between Coventry and Kenilworth.
Land at King's Hill, near Warwick University, has been offered to Warwick District Council as a potential development site.
The plot lies within Warwickshire's boundary and contains a large expanse - of green belt land.
A letter was sent to Warwick District Council this week confirming that Coventry City Council would not object to the sale of the land.
The news will come as a blow to hundreds of Finham residents who had previously campaigned against development on the land as it would erode the countryside between Coventry and Kenilworth.  Coventry Evening Telegraph Article

Merger of Maidavale & Phoenix Family Care Print E-mail

It is proposed that the Maidavale GP practice is merged with Phoenix Family Care. Dr Jagadeshwari will retire in the Autumn. The premises in Maidavale Crescent will for a short time become a branch of Phoenix Family Care. Patients have the choice of looking for another practice (there are two other practices within half a mile) or be automatically transferred to Phoenic Family Care which is some distance away without public transport links,

For further details you may wish to contact Mr Peter Barnett Health Development Service Manager, Faseman House / Council House Coventry tel: 02476831145

Warwick District Council New Local Plan Print E-mail

Consultation to Warwickshire District Council New Local Plan comes to an end on 27th June. You can find al the details HERE.  There is also access to the plan in the Finham Library.

While the plan seems not to include Kings Hill, (see the map attached to this article), the news that Coventry City Council would sell their 190 acres on Kings Hill for development of up to 5,000 home would seem to suggest that it could be included in the plan even at this late stage.

At this stage, gather further information and talk to other residents.  At the moment, think in terms of getting ready to put in your individual return to the WDC proposals and give your views on the possible building on Kings Hill.

Think also how you can help with a campaign against the development of King's Hill should it be proposed.

Above all, make sure you register your opinion on potential development on Kings Hill.

Download this file (WDC_District_Wide.pdf)WDC Plan.pdf[ ]6084 Kb
Gary Crookes Re-elected Print E-mail

Gary Crookes was re-elected as Wainbody Ward councillor in the latest elections.  See the full result here

Alvis Sports Ground Green Lane Print E-mail

A revised planning application has been received by WDC Planning Department for the erection of new flood lighting. This application number is W/13/o805. The case officer at WDC is David Edmonds; his email address is: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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